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Have the BEST Party

4  Steps  To  The  BEST Sex Toy Party  EVER ! 
#1  Double Invite & Keep A List!
Want 10 guests at your party? Invite 20 and ask everyone to bring a friend!  People get busy and things come up. Always double invite and keep a list! Remember to call and remind everyone the day before your party to get the best turnout! Normally only the guests you call and remind will 
be there. Create a Facebook Event and Call and Text EVERYONE!
#2  No One Under 18 yrs old!
No one under 18 years old will be allowed to stay during a party where adult novelties will be shown! There are NO EXCEPTIONS to this rule. It is the law! Please inform anyone that might bring a child, the rules are: NO CHILDREN ALLOWED. No exceptions. We can do COUPLES parties but you will need to ask your Romance Ambassador because not all Ambassadors like doing coupes parties.
#3  Remind Everyone to Bring Their Money!
As the hostess, you win extra discounts and free prizes depending on your party sales and number of future bookings from your party. For this reason, its important to remind your guests to bring their money. All orders are paid for at the time of ordering and many items will be available to take home from the party. We accept: Cash, Visa, MasterCard, Discover Card and all bank and debit cards.
#4  Server Drinks Before, Serve Food After!
Soft drinks, tea or wine served as guests arrive is perfect. Hard liquor is undesirable. Please keep food out of sight until after the presentation is over. After the presentation, we will be taking orders in another room (one person at a time) to insure privacy and we need our hostess to keep everyone else busy. Serving food is the easiest way to keep the guests from leaving! Keep food simple. Chips, dip, cookies, a veggie or fruit plate is the perfect finger food. 

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