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Arousing Cobra Vibrator
item #ACV

Assorted colors. It may have no venom, but this cobra still packs a powerful bite with its intense multi-speed vibration and twisting shaft action. Unlike the real thing, this snake is soft and smooth for ideal comfort and delight as you penetrate, providing skin-friendly fun for internal and external arousal. The piece begins with a large snake-like head with two protrusions on the side to mimicking a hooded cobra. This head tapers gently into a ridged shaft that features smaller graduating ridges on the front and large consistent ridges on the back. The ridged portion wraps around the body of the shaft and ends with the pointed tail that doubles as the clitoral attachment. This ingenious design lets the head and body of the snake dance around inside while the vibrating tail teases and tickles the clitoris. A large ergonomic handle directs the multi-function action with two slider dials; one to speed up the twisting, one to escalate vibration and one to send the twisting shaft into reversible motion. However, the vibration only occurs in the tail and the twisting only occurs in the shaft.

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