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Single Kegel Ball Set
item #T907

Mini Stella I. Featuring one set of weighted balls and a single ball holder with easy to use retrieval loop, our beautiful Mini Stella I is wrapped in body-safe silicone for an experience thatís as safe as it is gratifying. Designed and created by women for women, perfect pleasure is yours with this luxurious kegel ball set. Made with safe, unscented, non-porous and hypoallergenic premium silicone, this luxurious set is both incredibly safe and fantastically satisfying. This Kegel ball set features a satiny, silky feel thatís virtually seamless and has a one year warranty. Mini Stella I has more than just incredible style. Youíll feel stimulated, satisfied, and find a strengthening, sustaining, and unforgettable pleasure experience awaits. Designed for passionate perfection youíll adore having, whether by yourself or with your partner. Quiver with delight, strengthen and sustain these wonderful mini kegel balls will give you exactly what you need to get precisely what you want.
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